Artist Statement--Stephen Hanson

 I believe that the artist sees the world from his point of view and no one else.  He or she is unique in how they express this view to the world.

All true art comes from observation and once an artist can "see" how they want to portray the world around them, then they use the tools that they are accustomed to using, whether it is paint, pencil, stone, or fiber.

My artwork has changed over the years, and lately, I am drawn to painting the different hues and light variations that are seen in nature.  I enjoy packing up my gear and heading towards a nearby canyon where we live in Colorado Springs, There's something about getting away from the mundane life that we all face, and getting to that unique place in nature.

I am also drawn to setting-up new and unusual objects and finding that "right"  composition of  simple still life objects to paint.  While this has been done perhaps thousands of times before by various artists, each approach is new and different, and each approach has a new challenge of lighting and textural effects to capture.

Lastly, I am drawn to the spiritual.  I am a prophetic person and I long to express this view of the world in Biblical and sometimes end-times scenes.

All-in-all my desire is to capture the scene or inspiration that is before me, and then to also invite the world into this scene so that they too, are caught-up in my inspiration as well.


Stephen Hanson~~

Artist Statement--Carol Hanson

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