Stephen & Carol Hanson

Both Stephen and Carol have lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado for several years now, raising children, especially their youngest daughter, who is now becoming independent.


Over the last twenty + years, Stephen has taught art in the local school system, and finally decided that it was time to retire, and start a new chapter in our lives.


We are both visual artists who enjoy painting, and doing creative projects.  Carol is primarily an abstract painter, who is very fluid and expressive with her approach with color and form. Her approach is spontaneous and free, as she composes scenes of expressive fantasy as well as non-objective works.  Stephen is primarily a realistic painter, that carefully works out his composition, doing plein`air landscape paintings, as well as still life, and biblical scenes.  Our hope is that in this next new chapter of our lives that we will find new creative outbursts, as well enjoying a long hiatus that we both need very much.


Over the last twenty-five years, we have moved several times, and now we are leaving our home behind to hit the open trail.  In some ways this could cause a deep uneasiness with some, but we believe that our life style and faith will allow us the freedom and approach to open new doors and find new ways of expressing our faith and work.